Benefits to the Players/Parents

      • Coaches that are better trained to communicate with athletes, parents and referees
      • Access to a neutral third party to help resolve conflict
      • Workshops to help you enhance your child's enjoyment of the game

        Benefits for the Club/Team

  • Resolve issues at the club level
  • —Access to an impartial third party
  • —Develop conflict resolution skills for your coaches
  • —Raise your reputation
  • —Minimize complaints  at the team level and those escalated up
  • —Build effective coach-parent relationships
  • —Attract top coaches and players

        Benefits for the Organization/Association 

  • —Additional support for higher conflict issues
  • —Expand your complaint process by including a trained professional to ensure that it is impartial, fair and balanced for all
  • —Provide a mechanism for conflict resolution at the club level
  • —Create a program for parents  
  • —Enhanced due diligence
  • —Meet the objectives of your strategic plan by promoting collaboration & cooperation, recognizing diversity, having a strong customer focus, and high standards of excellence and professionalism