Conflict In Youth Sports

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We've all seen bad things happen: coaches or parents who have taken things too seriously and damaged their kids' enjoyment of the game.

Conflict in sports usually means that there is a winner and a loser. However, handling conflict well has neither.

How We Can Help

We provide a variety of training, conflict coaching and mediation that will allow clubs, administrators, coaches, parents and teams to better handle and resolve conflicts. Contact us here.

Do you want access to a complaint management process that is fair, balanced and overseen by an impartial third party?

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“Soccer in Canada is about the people that play and the people that pay… coaches we naturally spend the bulk of our time focused on the player and not enough time communicating with the parents.  This program helps youth coaches deal with the many issues they will face during a regular soccer season and more importantly, provides valuable advice and tools from which to manage these issues.  Clubs interested in offering a well-rounded Coach Education Program for its volunteer coaches should strongly consider offering the “Positive Results” program to coaches within their Clubs” 

Sanford Carabin

Technical Director

Durham Region Soccer Association

Julie Gill is a Mediator, Arbitrator, Conflict Coach and owner of Families First Mediation